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Training for the Whole Employee

By Kurt Klein, Complete Building Services

It has been a difficult year full of chaos and tumult and circumstances have demanded much from the FM industry. The economic impact of necessary policies has caused a lot of shake up and I have found that many FMs and trades professionals are frustrated. Wearing masks, foggy glasses, seemingly confusing or inconvenient rules for accessing properties all have highlighted to me an opportunity for broadening understanding and training to a deeper level.

Whereas a lot of training for new hires on the job focuses on the tasks needing to be performed or necessary safety measures and PPE usage, another facet to training that I had considered personal or, perhaps, impolite, has become very important. Thankfully, the culture at my current client’s facility demands the best from our team and so I now have added personal development into my training routine.

Gaging a person’s knowledge and experience is key to assigning them duties and responsibilities. Gaging a person’s outlook on life, approach to problems, and views on relationships with clients after being hired is very important and is complicated by the sensitive social issues and the massive political divide. However, none of that is really very important when it comes down to getting the job done.

Discipline, planning, time management, people management, polite conversation, and social awareness are characteristics that all should be cultivated in each employee no matter what position they hold in the organization--the effect being that every employee is encouraged and helped to grow beyond the scope of their job. They are encouraged to grown in life as well.

If good habits, behaviors, and choices are the expectation at work, sooner or later those can and will be carried into life outside of work. Don’t be afraid to be demanding. When work is challenging, it tends to be more engaging, rewarding, and respected. The only catch is that you must hold yourself to these higher standards so that you can serve as the example to follow. Also, expect, and even encourage, your staff to move upwards and onwards. This is how an industry grows and becomes better, by small influences in each facility adding up to more than their sum.

This, I feel, is the beauty of an organization like IFMA. It provides the place to capture and share all of those little experiences and influences to make each FM stronger and, hopefully, those around them as well. The roles of leader (serving as example), motivator (building confidence), and incubator (allowing time to grow) can be tough to manage along with projects, PMs, change and all that comes with them. However, it should be pretty clear that the better your team, the more capable and prepared they will be to handle the day to day work and the bigger projects that come down the line. The organization will be better for it, your team will be better for it, and you will be better for it too.

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