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Office Relocation During a Pandemic: What Businesses Want to Know First

By Mark Whitehill, My Guys Office Movers

As more and more workers telecommute, some businesses are choosing to downsize or relocate to other parts of the country where leasing is less expensive. This desire to move makes sense; however, it is best to understand the pros and cons of making a mid-pandemic move.

While nationwide restrictions have loosened and tightened over the past months, companies looking to relocate have had to ask themselves a couple of important questions: Is it possible to stick to a timeline or move plan that was set before COVID-19? How can assets be moved with as little contact as possible to minimize damage and to ensure the safety of their employees? 

First, it is possible to stick to a move plan set before COVID-19 with some basic modifications. Moving companies must take additional safety precautions to minimize the threat of exposure to the Coronavirus disease, such as educating and testing staff as well as wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) during meetings and walkthroughs. Project managers are encouraged to call the Point of Contact before the move to announce the crew’s arrival and give the client time to minimize the number of personnel present. Project managers can also maintain virtual contact to keep the client informed of the move’s progress and use a video conferencing app to answer any questions that might require visual confirmation. To further reduce the possibility of unnecessary exposure, professional moving companies can provide full-service moves with packing, furniture disassembly/assembly, and storage options to minimize cross-contamination between service providers. If a single company can provide the full scope of relocation services to complete the majority (or entirety) of a move, fewer companies need to be involved, which leads to less exposure overall.

With new Coronavirus cases on the rise again, how can businesses keep to pre-pandemic timelines? Fortunately, officials in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. have deemed Motor Carriers, such as My Guys Office Movers, as “essential businesses” and permit them to operate. So, as long as you have a well-formulated move plan and the moving company follows proper safety measures, your business can still move and meet its original deadline.

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